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The Streamline Group of Companies are integrated in their specialization of Oil and Gas technology, offering solutions and resources for data management, operations excellence, analytics, field networking, SCADA and communications services. Comprised of three companies, Streamline delivers comprehensive effective technology solutions, helping advise and promote value to our clients in the dynamic and ever changing world of technology.




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Gregory Tink lin

President of Streamline Group of Companies

With nearly 20 years of experience Greg is an accomplished professional with diverse experience delivering business solutions in the Oil and Gas Industry. Greg has demonstrated strong management and leadership skills in IS since 1993 and has also spent 10 years with a major energy company leading Marketing and Upstream/Production Management IS groups. Greg’s experience includes security, system integration, and enterprise architecture focusing on production management; including systems like SCADA, data historians, and processes.

Greg has a proven track record delivering innovative processes, technical solutions, and facilitating relationships with a high level of ethics and a strong attention to detail. He has managed projects and worked in all aspects of the oil and gas industry, from upstream to marketing, specializing in the development of key business processes and organizational change.


Peter Boyle lin

Vice President of Real Time Systems

With over 30 years of experience Peter has participated in the evolution of SCADA, from early RSX-11M+ systems with dedicated 32-bit serial protocols through to the latest Windows-based and web-based systems using IP-based communications. Peter has worked in and has a thorough understanding of all aspects of SCADA system design, implementation and testing predominantly with large oil and gas pipelines.

Peter’s expertise is in seeing the “big-picture” and how the individual components of each system contribute to the overall functionality of the system. Having participated in dozens of successful implementations over the decades Peter brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the myriad details required to ensure a successful installation.

Peter is currently involved in assisting companies with Alarm Management and Training Simulators.


Bart Nelissen lin

Managing Partner of Streamline Group of Companies

Bart began his journey in the field of automation and control with hands-on operational experiences. His ability to understand what each audience is looking for has helped him provide appropriate systems that meet the needs of specific operations.

During his 20 years of providing control and automation services Bart has gained experience with a large number of SCADA systems; including commissioning, providing a wide range of SCADA solutions, and involvement in significant on-site start-ups. Over time, this hands on experience has become the foundation of a solid project management experience of various control and automation projects, ranging from small to multi million dollars in industries such as oil and gas, water treatment, manufacturing and food and beverage

Bart saw the need to coordinate field data – through SCADA systems – to corporate environments and has extended the control and automation service offering to IT type solutions. This is where the hands-on experience and data management services brings clients a full measurement solution.

Bart has always had a focus on client satisfaction, and has provided services for multiple clients for many years.



Cheryl Murray lin

Chief Financial Officer, Streamline Group of Companies

Cheryl joined Streamline in April 2014. She has over twenty years of financial management experience, including Vice President, Operations and COO for Siemens Turbocare, Kadon  Electro Mechanical Services. She articled with Deloitte and Touche, and  has been a key adviser in the strategic planning and fiscal management for the Streamline Group.

Cheryl graduated with a Bachelor of Commerce Degree from Haskayne School of Business and received her Chartered Accountant Designation in 1991.



Jeremiah Hannley lin

Manager of Edmonton Operations



Our Services

Our services are delivered by our team with years of experience are passionate about developing areas of your business workflow.

Data Integration (Field to the boardroom)


PI Historian Configuration and Support

Architecture and Planning

Business Process Reviews

Operation Technology Excellence

Big Data Management

Key Performance Indicators


Measurement Systems



System Support

Schematic Metering Diagrams

Regulatory Compliance Health Checks

Meter Calibration & Maintenance Scheduling

Management Consulting


Communications Infrastructure



Tower Construction and Management

Security Health Check

Architecture and Planning

Mesh Radio Implementation

Path Studies

Mobile Towers

Emergency Response

Passive Optical Networks


Project Management




Site Surveys

Asset Management

Operations Technology


ICS Cyber Security


Risk Management

Cyber Security Planning

Project Management


ICS Architecture


Management Consulting


Health Checks


ICS Cyber Security

Control Room Management

Field Architecture and Planning


MQTT Integration


ICS Middleware (MQTT) Architecture and Planning

Middleware (MQTT) Implementation




Technical Project Management

System Cutovers – Planning, Testing & Cutover

HMI Design

Field SCADA Implementation

RTU and PLC Configuration

Acquisition and Divestiture Cutover Planning and Rollout


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Our Featured Works and Case Studies so far

The projects we get up to

Architecture and Design

  • ICS Cyber Security Planning and Strategy
  • ICS Network Design
  • ICS Architecture and Planning
  • Operational Technology Architecture and Planning
  • ICS Middleware (MQTT) Architecture and Planning

Network and Communications

  • Field Digital Radio Implementation
  • Wireless Mesh Implementation
  • Communications Tower Construction
  • Field Communication Path Studies and Enterprise Planning
  • Firewall Rollout and Management

Control Systems / SCADA

  • Field SCADA Implementation
  • RTU and PLC Configuration
  • Acquisition and Divestiture Cutover Planning and Rollout

Operations Software Development

  • Trucking System Design
  • Gas Gathering Deeming and Allocation
  • Operations Logging

Management Consulting and Strategy

  • Control Room Management (CRM) Preparedness
  • Alarm Management Process Design
  • Management of Change Process Design
  • Field System Gap Analysis
  • Operational / Control Centre Design and Rollout
  • IT versus Automation Research Paper
  • Measurement Planning and Business Process Rollout
  • Field Asset Management

Report Writing / Dashboards

  • Historian Configuration and Reporting
  • PI Support
  • SSRS Report Writing
  • Operational KPI Reporting
  • Technical Operations Excellence Rollout


Muddy Boots

  • - Metering Schematics (Spidr)
  • - Field & Operations Asset Management
  • - Operator Logging



  • - MQTT Server (Chariot)



  • - MQTT Front-end Processor (Z4 Director)




- Software Development – KPIs and Dashboarding
- Trucking Logistics
- Tank Monitoring
- Well Tracking


WayPoint Technology Solutions (US Partner)


- IT Networking



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In addition to the Calgary and Edmonton office locations, Streamline has a strong presence in Grande Prairie, Medicine Hat and across Western Canada. Streamline is actively pursuing an office location in Denver, CO and is available to service clients in the Denver and surrounding areas.

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