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With over 35 years of experience Peter has participated in the evolution of SCADA, from early RSX-11M+ systems with dedicated 32-bit serial protocols through to the latest Windows-based and web-based systems using IP-based communications. Peter has worked in and has a thorough understanding of all aspects of SCADA system design, implementation and testing predominantly with large oil and gas pipelines.

Peter’s expertise is in seeing the “big-picture” and how the individual components of each system contribute to the overall functionality of the system. Having participated in dozens of successful implementations over the decades Peter brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the myriad details required to ensure a successful installation.

Peter is currently involved in assisting companies with IIOT Middleware Solutions.



Jeremiah is a professional Engineer offering more than 10 years of experience in the field of Industrial Control Systems. Joining The Streamline Group as a managing partner in 2011, he has successfully managed it's Edmonton operations, leading and participating in special projects focused in the Industrial Control environment. Jeremiah has gained working knowledge in various types of systems and applications, from large-scale SCADA systems to plant-based DCS', carrying with him a strong understanding of the most effective ICS design principles.


With over 30 years of telecommunications experience, the past 18 focused in the Oil and Gas industry, Ian offers a wide variety of professional experience ranging from real-time data monitoring and collection, networking and inter-networking, voice/data communications, radio communication, specializing in a variety of mediums such as satellite, microwave, fibre and copper. Prior to joining PanCanadian/Encana, Ian performed various technical roles for Maritime Tel and Tel. In this role, he worked offshore mobilizing and maintaining communications systems aboard various drilling rigs, drill ships and platforms. Ian transferred to Calgary to a Field Communications Specialist role with Encana, and following that, joined The Streamline Group.

Ian holds an Electrical Engineering Technology diploma and is a member of the Association of Science and Engineering Technology Professionals of Alberta (ASET) as a Certified Engineering Technologist. As the managing partner for Streamline Communications, Ian has lead a variety of field bandwidth upgrade, SCADA, Trunked Mobile Radio, Radio Tower Construction, and Fiber Optics projects.



Nathan offers over 18 years of Leadership experience in Information Technology working with small to multi-billion dollar companies, and carries with him an in-depth understanding of the requirements to run a successful service organization. Nathan's experience is primarily within the Oil and Gas industry, having worked in areas of communications, web media, insurance, health care and alternative energy industries as well leading local, national and international initiatives. As the managing partner for Streamline USA, Nathan continues to focus on providing guidance to clients, offering Technology and Business Solutions.