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We are industry leaders in SCADA Design, Integration, Delivery and Support

Streamline has a team of experts ready to begin working with or helping you plan your next SCADA system.  Our team has worked with platforms including:

  • Ignition!

  • Aveva OASyS 

  • Cygnet

  • ClearSCADA

  • FactoryLink

  • Wonderware

  • SCADAvantage

  • FactoryTalk/RSView

  • Honeywell 

  • Yokogawa

The Streamline SCADA team will work with your organization at any stage of your SCADA systems life cycle.  We provide experts in:

  • SCADA Evaluation, Selection and Vendor Management

  • SCADA architecture design and implementation

  • ICS cyber security assessment and risk mitigation

  • Fit-Gap analysis

  • System integration

  • Function requirements specifications

  • ASM display and implementation

  • API 1165 display design and implementation

  • SCADA platform replacements

  • Point-to-point testing

  • Alarm management

  • Standard operating procedures

  • Leak and operations manuals

  • Local HMI implementation and support

  • General SCADA Support